Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things To Know About the ManUp Conference

This Saturday, June 20, the city of Charlotte will have its annual ManUp Conference.

Except the men won’t be coming to church somewhere in town.  Instead, in light of Covid-19, the conference will be coming to them.  Here are five things to know about ManUp 2020 …

One.  There’s A Bonus Speaker This Year. 

How about that?  It’s actually not me all by my lonesome.  Wayne Hobson and I are going to have a conversation that we believe will bless the men who tune in.

Two.  ManUp is the brainchild of a collection of Christian leaders in Charlotte and beyond and the group has this purpose:  To provide a unifying effort to build men up to be the spiritual leaders in their homes and communities, while calling them to impact the fatherless.

Three. ManUp is sensitive to time.  It starts at 9 a.m. and ends at noon.  That way, the men to whom we minister can spend the rest of Saturday putting what they’ve learned into practice.

Four.  The main sessions include a collection of pastors, media personalities, and professional athletes like Derwin Gray, Bryce Johnson, Colin Pinkney, Josh Meadows, Jonathan Stewart & Mike Tolbert.

Five.  Registration is only $10 and you can do it here