Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things That Never Get Old

There are some things in life that, no matter how often you do them, never get old.  It’s almost like every time feels like the first time.

That’s especially true of many facets not only of ministry at Good Shepherd, but life in our little corner where Mecklenburg and York Counties intersect.

So here are five things that just never get old for me:

1.  Celebrating Believer Baptism With The Whole ChurchWe love it around here when folks “go public by getting wet.”

McKenzie Baptism

2.  Singing the worship tune Sing To The King with the people of Good Shepherd:

3.  Topping Off Lunchtime Meal With . . . You Guessed It, A Nutrageous



4.  Appreciating A Gorgeous One-Handed Backhand.  These days there are about as many one-handed backhands in pro tennis as there are Democrats in Utah.  And that’s why the few that remain have a signature beauty.


fed one hander 2


5.  Wordsmithing My Way To The NEXT Sermon Series.  God has been so good that I haven’t run out of ideas yet.