Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things That Happened This Past Sunday

Here’s an unusual Top Five Tuesday . . . the five best things that happened in church this past Sunday at Good Shepherd.

1.  Chris Macedo & Team’s haunting, chilling, gorgeous version of Christmas Hallelujah.  So good, in fact, that I want to give you the chance to experience it again:


2.  Dozens of people raising their hands at the conclusion of the sermon to give Jesus their lives.  I was especially grateful for the response at 11:30.

3.  The palpable silence in the room after I said that when Jesus was “a collection of cells, inches long . . . dare I say it, what some people would label a choice . . . and Elizabeth calls him ‘Lord.'”

4.  The guy who told me he’d just received his 30 Day AA sobriety chip that week.  Recovery.

5.  The guy who told me that he’d just received his 10 Year AA sobriety chip that week.  Recovery.