Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things That Are Really Hard To Wait For

As we dig into a series called “Wait For It …” how could I post on anything else?

Carly Simon said it this way:  “Anticipation . . . it’s making me late, it’s keeping me waiting.”

And some things in life are more full of anticipation than others.  Some days and some events are so full of excitement and promise that waiting for them to arrive really is the hardest part (to quote another rocker).

So here are five things in my life that I find really hard to wait for:

5.  The first day on a new job. Fortunately, this has only happened three times as an adult:  with the USTA in 1985, at Mt. Carmel United Methodist in 1990 and at Good Shepherd in 1999.  I vividly remember the awful nerves I had before those first two Sundays.  Interestingly, when Good Shepherd opened its current Worship Center in 2005, I was almost as nervous that day as the first one at the church . . . and I’d already been here six years.

4.  The first meal after a long fast.  Don’t eat as much as you want to.  There will be trouble later.

3.  A Sunday morning when I know the elements have been soaked in prayer and filled with the Spirit.  For example, I know the combination of word, song, and video this coming Sunday has the power to impact people’s lives in deep and meaningful ways.

2.  The start of a Grand Slam tournamentJanuary and the Australian Open is coming.  Can Roger Federer reach the legal age in terms of Slam titles?

1.  The start of a concert.  You’re in your seat.  You endure an opening act.  You wonder if you should risk the trip to get a snack or to use the restroom.  Because no way in the world do you want to miss the opening notes of ….