Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things You Need To Know About Greta Van Fleet

They’re evocative yet original.

They’re derivative yet authentic.

They’re reminiscent of yet different from.

They’re Greta Van Fleet, and they had me at hello.

A couple of weeks ago, I friend sent me a link to know about the Michigan-based band.  Within one listen, I realized they have the percussive power and sonic boom of the first four Led Zeppelin albums.

Yet they’re not Zeppelin wannabes (Exhibit A: Whitesnake).  They’ve taken the best of their mentors and made it thoroughly modern and completely their own.

So here are five things you need to know about my latest band crush:

1.The Name.  It does NOT come from TV personality Greta Van Sustern but from a relative in the band’s hometown of Frankenmuth, Michigan.

2.The Voice. Lead singer Josh Kiszka sounds a lot like a younger Robert Plant and a little like a younger Geddy Lee and yet totally like himself.  Here he is on Highway Tune, the opener on From The Fires.


3.Led Zeppelin III makes an appearance on Greta Van Fleet I.  In the midst of the heavy rock/blues assault of From The Fires, the band insert a lovely ballad aptly named Flower Power.

4.The Single.  Do people still release singles?  If they do, my inner A&R man recommends Talk On The Street.

5.Is It Enough To Bring Rock Back?  My goodness, I sure hope so.