Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things I’ve Learned This Week

A week of random learning and unexpected realizations, summarized right here.

Here are the Top Five Things I’ve Learned JUST This Week:

  1. Good Shepherd sermons are now available as podcasts at the iTunes store.  Wha-what?!


2.Roger Federer will achieve the #1 ranking in the world if he makes the semi-finals of this week’s tournament in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  At 36, he will be the oldest player ever to reach #1. If he loses before the semis, he’ll have to be content with being #1 all time.

3. 350 million people around the globe tuned in to watch the “Who Shot JR?” cliffhanger episode on November 21, 1980.  The culprit — or hero, depending on your perspective — was Kristin Shepherd, his wife’s sister as well as his former mistress.

4. One Sixty Seven is a concept and a teaching that resonates with people and impacts their minds

5. You never have to prove yourself to Jesus.  You simply place yourself in him.