Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things I’ve Learned On Facebook.

I’ve had a Facebook Page since 2013 — just after the sermon series The Storm Before The Calm.  That page operates like a page for a business or a public figure.


In the last year, however, I added a Profile — which is what the vast majority of Facebookers have.  I started it because I needed to have a profile to enter into some United Methodist pages.

A Profile is much, much different from a Page.

What have I learned in my 10 months of more regular Facebooking?  Here are the Top Five:

1.  Everyone’s birthday.  Everyone’s.  Whether you care or not.

2.  Maiden names.  Even on the guys sometimes.

3.  What people eat for breakfast.  And lunch.  And dinner.  And as part of their diets.

4.  Where people go on vacation, usually in real time.  Each time I see a vacation picture, I hope and pray no thieves are on the same page, realizing the same people are out of town.

5.  Friend requests come from the unlikeliest sources.  Old tennis rivals.  Union County church members.  Methodist preacher friends. And, of course, 100-year-old moms.  To whom one is wise to say “yes.”