Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things Heard And Overheard At The Wesleyan Covenant Association’s “Large Church” Pastors Gathering

I spent three days last week in rainy Orlando, Florida at the Wesleyan Covenant Association’s Large Church Pastor’s Gathering. It was three days of worship, education, information, and encouragement. On Day One of the gathering, I even got to present a slice of the forthcoming Simplify The Message; Multiply The Impact book as I spoke to a group of preachers on how to improve their … preaching. My talk ranged from Jason Isbell lyrics to syllable symmetry to the power & clarity of a one point sermon, all in an effort to encourage all us preachers to preach vividly instead of blandly.

I don’t know what I was saying when this photo was snapped, but probably something about not pointing your finger at people when you are preaching with them.

Anyway, here are five of the more interesting sound bites I heard while with friends old and new:

From Dionne Hammond, a District Superintendent in the Florida Annual Conference: If your self-understanding is wrapped up in What Do I Have? and Who Do People Say I Am?, then God may well need to bring you through a painful season to a new identity.

From Dale Locke, pastor of Community Of Hope UMC in Loxahatchee, Florida: There’s a big distinction between longevity around the faith and maturity in the faith.

From Jorge Acevedo, pastor of Grace UMC in Cape Coral, Florida: Leaders create culture and develop strategy.

From Joseph Okello of Asbury Seminary’s Orlando Campus, on Day Three of the Gathering: “When I heard the learned presentation on ‘Simplify The Message; Multiply The Impact’ on Monday, I realized that everything I had planned to do was wrong. But I’m going to do it anyway.” And so he did — delivering a three point sermon with precision and passion.

From Jeff Greenway of Reynoldsburg UMC in Columbus, OH: In the WCA, we want to create movemental momentum around sound doctrine.

From Luke Mitchell of Hillsdale UMC near Winston-Salem: Hey Talbot, how about a series called “I Pity The Fool!” from Proverbs or “Cross Examination” for Lent?