Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things About Having A Mom Turn 95

Julie, Taylor, Riley, and I spent much of the Thanksgiving holiday in the Hill Country of Texas helping the rest of my family celebrate my mother’s 95th birthday.

To get an idea of the kind of person she is these days, she recently launched her own website.

Here she is basking in the glory of our gathering:

And here in the glory of her children:

And in the glory of her grandchildren:

So what’s best about having a mom turn 95? Here are the five tops:

5. At this stage, I don’t have to worry about her bringing some guy home and saying, “Talbot, I’d like you to meet your new step-father.”

4. Losing to her at Scrabble. By a lot.

3. Finding things out about her grandparents that I’d never known before.

2. Giving her a five year planning calendar for her birthday.

1. Watching as she sat down for Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by six of her children and as she took in the moment she was overcome with emotion and gratitude for her life and family.