Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Text Messages (TMs) and Direct Messages (DMs) From A Monday

What an interesting assortment of text messages and Facebook Direct Messages I received yesterday.

Here are the top five, keeping the authors/senders anonymous (with one exception):

5.  “There were so many times (during your Sunday sermon) that I wanted to throw my hand up and say, ‘Hell YES, Talbot!’ . . . but the church ain’t quite ready for that.”

4.  “The empty nest thing is on our heels in our house.  Do you have a class at church for that?”   (My answer:  No class, just personal experience as to its awesomeness.)

3.  “Think of signs of biblical health . . . Good Shepherd bears the marks.  I so appreciate the biblical focus . . . Keep that focus as over the long run it produces far batter disciples.”

2.  “I’m so glad I filled out that connect card and someone showed up at our door with a smile and a coffee mug and then we got a hand written letter and then y’all made a personal phone call to invite us back . . . that church is an answered prayer to us.”

1.  “Thanks . . . Shared the Gospel with 5 (fraternity members) over the past two weeks.  Probably will meet with a few more this week.”  (That one from my son Riley after I had texted him that I prayed he’d lead more people to Jesus today.)