Top Five Tuesday — Top Five “Testimonies” About PrayFast

I have probably received more feedback about PrayFast than any other series we’ve done at Good Shepherd.

I believe there are three factors behind such a response:  1) the PrayFast Prayer Guide has helped to turn Sunday worship into an every day experience; 2) many people have a genuine longing for daily connection with God but don’t know how to go about doing it; and 3) the focus of our Sunday gatherings has been less on the preached word and more on the collective prayer.

So for today’s Top Five, I simply want to share with you some of the words of the people of Good Shepherd themselves as they have responded to this series:

1.  From a man whose LifeGroup turned into a spontaneous healing service after he shared he was suffering from chronic, painful hiccups:

It was great spending time with you the other night. More importantly, I wanted to thank you all for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and pray for me. I’ve been hiccup-free since that evening. Isn’t it interesting how having constant hiccups can affect other areas of one’s life; like producing anxiety?


2.  From a friend who sat in VIP Seating (overflow) on the first Sunday of the series:

This series promises to be vital to so much of life. Everything, actually. Prayer is everything.
“Relevant” means weaving the principles of the message into marriage, sobriety, compulsions, so many things people struggle with. There were so many quiet acknowledgements in the overflow room as you mentioned these areas, and sitting in the back row it was easy to notice them.


3.  From a friend whose first contact ever with Good Shepherd came at the funeral of a friend several years ago:

[Prayer] was always something I did at random times, and I suppose that I always will to that. But to schedule special time in the mornings to spend with him has put a whole new spin on how my day starts. It’s a privilege and I actually go to bed now, looking forward to waking up to my prayer time and space.


4.  From a friend who picked up a Pray Without Ceasing wrist band on Sunday:

I always wanted something to remind me to pray before I eat.  Now I have it! And you know I’ll use it to thank God for the dessert!


5.  A text message from an 80-something friend who never ceases to amaze and encourage:

This PrayFast has truly been a blessing to me.  Praise God and thank all of you.