Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Television Viewing Choices TONIGHT

Since tonight’s television viewing choices seem to be unusually limited, I thought I’d save you some channel surfing and give you a number high quality, prime-time viewing suggestions. 

Because there’s not anything else going on, is there?

1.  8:00 PM — Animal Planet, Finding Bigfoot.
        Believe it or not, this is a series.  On. Every. Week.

2.  9:00 PM — Nat Geo Wild, Shark Invasion
       I know this particular show is about sharks, but I liked the picture of the lion better.  Either way, I love watching predators catch and eat stuff.

3.  9:00 PM — E! Network, Georgia Rule
        If you’re not into animals, there’s always Lindsay Lohan.

4.  10:00 PM — Spike TV — Ink Master
          And tonight’s episode is called “Half Naked & Fully Loaded”!!

5.  9:30 PM — ESPN U — Ghosts Of Ole Miss, A 30 For 30
         Conspiracy theorists will be disappointed to learn that this films shows after polls have closed.

If none of those suggestions work, perhaps you can simply watch election returns.  Whatever.