Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Takeaways From A Sick Day

If you attended Good Shepherd on Sunday, you knew something was up with my voice.

As in going, going, GONE!

So Monday was laryngitis, doctors, Augmentin, and Prednisone.

And being home alone.

These don’t happen very often, but what takeaways emerge from a sick day?

Here are five:

1.  It CAN be more productive than work.  Because I wasn’t “sick in the bed,” just too sick to mingle with people, I could get a lot done.  There’s always another sermon to prepare (after all, February 1, 2015 is just around the corner!), so I was able get some books, some notes, some prayer, and do some deep message prep in an environment with few interruptions.

2.  Colin Cowherd is really good.  OK, I found a couple of interruptions, most notably the Herd radio simulcast on ESPNU.  I now know that his wife went to a dog whisperer — also known as an “animal communicator” — today.  Cowherd is witty, irreverent, and extremely smart.

 3.  When you’re bored, you eat.  I never have mid-afternoon snacks.  Except for today.  Extra food, combined with what Prednisone does to body weight anyway . . . and there goes all those good results that are a by-product of Good Shepherd’s season of fasting.

4.  People understand when you have to cancelEven in the case of urgent appointments, people would rather delay the meeting than get what you have.

5.  Something’s going around.  People were literally lined up outside at the urgent care I went to this morning.  They could all talk, though, which put them one step ahead of me.