Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Steve Miller Band Songs

The other day as I was driving around town “Jet Airliner” came on the radio. So of course I said to myself: “it’s about time for a Top Five Tuesday involving the Steve Miller Band.

Steve Miller spent some of his youth in Dallas, and even attended St. Mark’s School, one of the rivals of my own Highland Park High. Among OUR high profile graduates is the actress Angie Harmon, but as far as I know, no musicians of Miller’s fame.

Anyway, here are my top five Steve Miller songs:

Jet Airliner. Separating men from the boys: the funky kicks version or … the other?

Jungle Love. Fabulous opening.

Wild Mountain Honey. Not a hit, necessarily, but a quality album cut. From back when people made albums with cuts.

Swingtown. Three songs from one album? Yep.

Take The Money & Run. Who has a better story? Billie Joe & Bobby Sue OR Jack & Diane?