Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Sources Of Wisdom In The Wake Of The Supreme Court’s Decision On Gay Marriage

So last Friday, I wasn’t going to Tweet about it.

I wasn’t going to get on Facebook and argue about it.

I wasn’t even going to change my Sunday sermon to address it directly.

Instead, I’ve located some wise voices to speak into what it means that marriage equality is now the law of the land.

As some of you know, my opinions regarding what the church should teach and how the church should minister in the area of human sexuality are quite strong.  Just last week, for example, this piece ran in the United Methodist opinion portal Ministry Matters.

But in terms of the church’s intersection with culture, government, and the law, my feelings are much more ambivalent.  I greeted Friday’s ruling with more of a sigh than a snarl.

So: here are five voices speaking some wisdom into my sighs.


1.  Carey Nieuwhof.  Of course!  A Canadian evangelical is going to know better than any of us in the USA how to have a healthy perspective in our new cultural context.  You can read him here.


2.  Chappell Temple.  Chappell is a United Methodist pastor in Houston with degrees from Rice, Perkins, and Gordon-Conwell.  In other words, he’s really smart.  His piece called What Love Has To Do With It proves the point.  (And I’ve always wanted to call him “Sanctuary Synagogue.”)


3.  Tim Tennent.  Whenever I read one of Dr. Tennent’s essays, I am both glad and proud that he is president of Asbury Seminary.  You can read his SCOTUS reflections here.


4.  JD Walt.  My friend from Seedbed Publishing “crushes it” with this daily text called The End Of Christian America


5.  OK, after two Asburians, I have to include another perspective.  How’s this from Mark Oppenheimer of the New York Times, who posits a position I don’t agree with but will be wary of here. Well, now we know.