Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Songs I Listen To While Working

It was Snow White who taught us to whistle while you work, wasn’t it?

Yet I’m not much of one for whistling.

On the other hand, some music while I’m working — in particular while I am either writing a sermon or writing notes to first time guests — often provides just the background I’m looking for.  Usually mellow, sometimes inspirational, and all the time a way to block out the world and hone in on the task.

Here are my top five “songs to listen to while working” songs.

5. Walk On by U2.  Now: I don’t ever use his anymore. But there was a time about six or seven years ago when every sermon writing session had the soundtrack o U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind going on in the background.  This one, along with Beautiful Day and Stuck In A Moment, symbolize that era.

4. I Still Believe, by The Call. Because, back in the day,  this much overlooked mid 80s period piece reminded me that I did in fact still believe.

3. Resurrecting, by Elevation Worship. Speaking of belief, the resurrecting king is resurrecing me.  I especially like the acoustic version.


2. Death Was Arrested, by Northpoint Worship.  Anthemic chills.

1. Traveling Alone, by Jason Isbell.  Haunting, melancholic, and perfect for a serene vibe in typing out my nine pages and 2,000 words.