Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Songs Involving Mountains

As you read this I am in Colorado Springs, Colorado, attending a seminar on High Impact Volunteers that’s put on by our friends at Newell & Associates.

Here’s what my nights look like:

But spending some time in this rarified air gets me thinking: what are the best songs I know that have to do with mountains?

(And I simply won’t list Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh (except for the fact that I just listed it).  I’m not a prude and it is a fun song . . . but I can’t include a celebration of a year in which the singer “couldn’t get much higher.”)

So, sans Joe Walsh, here are my five favorite mountain-flavored songs:

5.  Julie Andrews, The Sound Of MusicYou love it.  You know you do.

4.  Led Zeppelin, Over The Hills & Far Away.  My favorite LZ song ever.  Howevert, other than the title, I have no idea how this song is about mountains.  I just wanted to follow Julie Andrews with Led Zeppelin.

3.  Diana Ross, Ain’t No Mountain High EnoughLandmark day here:  Julie Andrews and Diana Ross both make Top Five Song list.

2.  John Denver, Country Roads. Best. Bangs. Ever.

 1.  Led Zeppelin, Misty Mountain Hop.  One of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs of them all, and this one really involves a mountain.  A pretend mountain, but a mountain nonetheless.