Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Songs About America

It’s Fourth of July week, which can only mean one thing: flags are everywhere.

Which of course brings up another vital issue for Top Five Tuesday: what are the five best songs of the rock era that either deal with America or have American in the name?

Great question!

So here are my answers.

5.  Coming To America by Neil Diamond.  Neil Diamond?!  On my blog?  Well, just this once.


4.  American Pie, by Don McLean.  Has there ever been a more wonderful one-hit-wonder?

3.  America, by Simon & Garfunkel.  A big sound combined with delicate voices and a provocative lyric — sort of S&G’s recipe for success, isn’t it?

2.  Little Pink Houses, by John Mellancamp.  Even JCM’s naïve economic policy can’t ruin this great song.  Check it and see:

1. Born In The USA, by Bruce Springsteen.  Sounds like an anthem but reads like a dirge.  That intentional ambiguity makes this track perennially interesting.