Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Soft Rock Songs

A couple of weeks ago, I dedicated this space to my five favorite hard rock songs of all time. You can read that post here.

But who am I to limit my musical exploration to power chords and incendiary riffs?

What about the easier, softer side of rock?  Soft rock?

Since this is my list, I am excluding power ballads — songs that starts unobtrusively but end in a cacophony.  So no Stairway To Heaven or Long Time on here.

Instead, here are my five favorite songs from the gentler side of life:

5.  Aimee, Pure Prairie LeagueYep, love this one in spite of how infrequently I get to hear it.

4. Angie, Rolling Stones.  True story: in my tennis playing days of yore, a group of us convinced a friend that Mick Jagger was singing “I inject” instead of “Angie.”  With friends like us …

3. Cover Me Up, Jason Isbell. Is he soft rock?  Country?  Americana?  I don’t know. I do know he is brilliant.

2. Peaceful, Easy Feeling Eagles.  The smoothest example of the genre I know, and a fitting tribute to the late Glenn Frey.


1. One, U2.  Hard rock, soft rock, anthem, or single . . . this is one of those that transcends genre, style, and era.