Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Rock Love Songs

In honor of this week’s Valentine’s Celebration, my Top Five Tuesday returns to music and, more specifically, to rock’s love songs.

Ever since the Beatles sang “I Want To Hold Your Hand” rock music and romantic love have been closely connected.

They weren’t always friendly, mind you.  Who could forget they cynicism of  Love Stinks?  The carnality of Feel Like Makin’ Love? Or the whimsy of Silly Love Songs?

So I’ll try for a little better than each of those.  At least better in my mind.  Here goes:

5.  Unchained Melody, the Righteous Brothers.  Well, it goes pretty well with that scene in Ghost, doesn’t it?  Trivia gem:  Did you know that John Wimber, an early member of the Righteous Brothers, went on to become the founder of The Vineyard movement within Christianity?

4.  Angie, the Rolling Stones.   The Stones are usually more libertine than sensitive, but I’ve always loved the delicate guitar and plaintive vocals on this one.  Note:  Mick Jagger did not go on from here to start a Christian church or denomination.

3.  The Best Of My Love, the Eagles. At times, the Eagles were accused of misogyny.  Not here.

2.  Wonderful Tonight, by Eric Clapton.  If only Clapton’s own love life could have measured up to the beauty of this song . . .

1.  Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney & Wings.  Really?  Yes, really.  I’ve never been a big fan of McCartney, Wings, Linda’s backing vocals, or even Heather Mills.  But I’ve always loved this song.  Something about the soothing piano and soaring guitar make me . . . amazed.