Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Rivalry Games

Thanksgiving Week is also rivalry week in college football.

Historically, the best of the conference battles and border wars happen over the next six days: Alabama-Auburn, Texas-Texas A&M, Ohio State-Michigan, and many others.

So what are my five favorite through the years? Here goes:

1. Nebraska-Oklahoma, 1971. Though I was only 10, I still vividly remember the first “Game Of The Century.” Nebraska won 35-31 in a game immortalized by Johnny Rogers’ punt return:

2. Michigan-Ohio State, 1969. This is one of my very first football memories. Ohio State had won the 1968 National Championship, was undefeated to this point in 1969, and was considered by many to be the greatest team ever. Not so fast. Michigan in an upset, 24-12, paving the way for Texas to win it all that year. As a seven year old, I thought Michigan had the coolest helmets ever.

3. Boston College-Miami, 1984. Though technically not a rivalry game, all you need to remember is Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary to win it on the last play.

4. USC-Notre Dame, 1974. Notre Dame was ahead 24-0 in the second quarter and then Anthony Davis started running kickoffs and punt returns back for touchdowns. He never stopped and USC won 55-24.

5. Dallas-Miami, 1993. OK, this wasn’t a college game and the Cowboys and Dolphins aren’t even arch rivals. But who can forget Leon Lett’s faux pas in the snow?