Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Reflections From A Weekend Just Past

In reflecting over the last several days, I realized that this past weekend was an unusual one.

Some of it filled with mirth, other parts of it loaded with majesty, all of it making a testimony to the goodness of God.  Here are the five highlights (and you must read to the end):

5. On Friday night, our Room In The Inn ServeTeam treated our neighbors who are homeless to a movie night — the premiere (at Ayrsley theater) of “I Can Only Imagine.”  One of our volunteers conceived of the plan — or received it from God — pitched it to us and we said yes.  Am I glad we did. The movie tells the story behind the MercyMe song of the same name … and does so in a way that put a lump in my throat ten minutes in and never let go.


4. On Saturday, Julie and I drove an hour north to a place called “Tiger World.”  I love big cats.  Here they were accessible and available if not quite pettable.  Ironically, the lions were the best thing about Tiger World. Future trips involving both church staff and extended family in the works.

3. During worship on Sunday, our band debuted a new song courtesy of Hillsong Worship called ‘O Praise The Name (Anastasis).’  Ancient and modern, evocative and innovative, it is a Jesus-centered beauty.


2. Also on Sunday, and for the first time ever, Pastor Ron Dozier preached at our Latino Ministries worship service.  He spoke in English and Sammy Gonzalez translated into Spanish.  So impressed with that multi-ethnic and interdepartmental ministry!

1.Just before the 10 a.m. service began, I met a man near the rear of the Worship CenterHe admitted that he only comes to church on rare occasions, and punctuated that confession with, “I’m sort of a lost cause.”  I thought to myself, “No, we’re having an invitation at the end of the sermon today and you’re gonna get saved.”  We did.  And he did.  Glory to God.