Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Reasons To Come To “The Reading Of The Red Letters”

We have an event coming this Sunday that is a first of its kind for Good Shepherd.

The Reading Of The Red Letters.
From 5 – 6 p.m., we’ll gather as a people being shaped by the Holy Spirit and we’ll listen to the words of Jesus. Out loud. In community. Without interpretation.

Here are top five reasons to come on Sunday night:

5. Your Pathfinders group will be there.

4. It’s the way the bible was designed to be encountered. The bible was written more for the “ear” than for the “eye” — it is a library written for a largely illiterate people.

3. We’ll read the words of Jesus — you know, the ones in red in a lot of your bibles.

2. You may just hear the voice of God.

1. More than anything else, you might find help in figuring out God’s will.