Top Five Tuesday — Top Five (Or Six) Reasons I’m Excited Missy Buchanan Is Coming To Good Shepherd

Later this week — for a Thursday Staff Seminary and then for a Friday Out & About Luncheon — Good Shepherd is bringing in speaker and author Missy Buchanan

There are five reasons why I am especially excited about this project.  Here they are.

  1. Missy Writes Good.  She is a multi-published author, with a series of titles directed towards Christian ministry for and with senior adults.  Her books include Talking With God In Old Age, Living With Purpose In A Worn Out Body, and Don’t Write My Obituary Just Yet.  You can find more information about her books here.
  2. She Talks GooderMissy is a sought after speaker.  So we sought after her about a year ago to reserve these dates.
  3. She’s A TexanWe are bringing her in from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
  4. We’re Sharing Ministry With The Aldersgate Retirement Community located on the east side of Charlotte.  After she trains our staff on Thursday regarding ministry with seniors, she will zip across town to inspire the residents of that Mega Methodist Retirement Care facility.
  5. It Will Be Yet Another Example Of A Digital Friendship Gaining DimensionsMeaning, Missy and I have connected via #UMC Facebook over the years and seen much to admire in each other’s work and writing.  Now we will get to meet in person.  Yet another reason why social media can on occasion be a force for more good than evil.
  6. We ALMOST NEVER Do Something Like ThisWe rarely bring guest speakers in.  When I don’t preach on Sunday, one of our staffers takes my place.  We are hesitant to schedule large scale events, since it’s hard enough to be a church without adding concert promoter to the mix.  However, this speaker for this population, reflecting the emphasis we place on ministry to and with our retirement age friends, is the ideal fit.