Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Random Songs That Always Sound Good Even If I’m Not A Big Fan Of The Artist

How’s that for a title?

Five songs sung by artists for whom I have no special, enduring fondness.

Yet songs which, no matter when I hear them, I listen all the way through as if they were from the Eagles themselves.

So there they are. Five songs of random greatness:

(Skateaway) Making Movies — Dire Straits. Not as well known as “Sultans Of Swing” or “Money For Nothin” but a whole lot better than both.

The Weight –– The Band. There’s theological truth buried in this heavy classic.

Jailbreak — Thin Lizzy. Another one with a much more famous sibling: “The Boys Are Back In Town.” Yet I’ve always liked the pulsing bass line and I never tire of Phil Lynott’s vocals.

Never Been Any Reason — Head East. From the album Flat As A Pancake. Which this song is not.

Gimme Some Good Lovin’ — Spencer Davis Band. Back in the 80s, Julie and I saw Steve Winwood as he toured to support “Higher Love.” He closed the show with this one that he recorded when he was 17. One of the most electric concert moments I’ve been part of.