Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Random Confessions

Normally when a pastor says that he has something to confess, the people of the church think, “who’s involved and how long has it been going on?”

Well, thankfully, this is nothing like that.

However, for this Tuesday’s Top Five, I want to lean toward the transparent and offer you a series of seemingly unrelated confessions.

Here goes:

1.Sometimes when I can’t think of something interesting about which to blog, I go into my own archives and pull something out from the years 2008-2013, change a few words or alter the context a bit and VOILA! the day’s blog is done.  Why do I insist on pre-2013 pieces?  Because that’s the year I started copying these essays onto Facebook and linking to them on Twitter and with that enlarged readership I really don’t want to double dip.  Interestingly — some of the those brand new used posts generate the most Likes, Loves, and Comments on social media.

2. Each September, I say to myself that football is too violent, there are too many injuries, and watching it takes up too much of my time, and so I will no longer watch.  And that’s a vow I never keep.

3. Sometimes when a conversation reaches a lull, I’ll say, “Did you know my mom is 101, still takes care of herself, and only recently stopped driving and playing tennis?” That always livens things back up.

4. I could eat Bob Evans Microwave Mashed Potatoes for dinner every night.  And I could eat spoonsful of Nutella for dessert every night as well.

5. The following quirks remain essential parts of my daily & weekly routine:  1) I wear two pair of socks to work every day — a pair of white Thor Los underneath to keep my feet warm and then dark dress socks on top to look professional; 2) I have never let the gas gauge on my 2009 Nissan Maxima go below 1/2; 3) When I shave in the afternoon (for the second time), it’s like starting the day all over again.