Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Proofs I Am Third Most Innocent

My signature accomplishment in high school was being awarded Third Most Innocent in the senior superlatives edition of our campus newspaper.  Here’s the proof:


Anyway, five moments during a recent Eagles concert showed me just how accurate that “award” was.  Here goes:

  1. I did not know what the “warm smell of colitas” was until … last year when I asked on Facebook.
  2. I did not know how there could be both “lines on the mirror, lines on her face” until 2013.  And then, not from personal experience.
  3. I did not know what “the doctor says he’s coming but you’ve got to pay in cash” referred to until earlier this spring.
  4. I still don’t know what “so put me on a highway and show me a sign” refers to.
  5. I did, however, know what “spent the last year Rocky Mountain Way” meant.  Again, thankfully, not from personal experience.

Maybe I’ll win FIRST Most Innocent at a future reunion.