Top Five Tuesday — Top Five (Or Six) Pretty Good Things That Happened Yesterday

Yesterday, November 30, 2015, was a normal Monday in ministry.  I’ve been through more than a thousand such Mondays in my years of full-time ministry.

Yet if you read between the lines, look beneath the covers, and wash behind your ears . . . you can see some pretty good things that happened.  Here are five:


1.  In combing through the Pause Pledges, I came across many people who I was not aware even attend Good Shepherd.  I encountered a number of others who I thought no longer attend Good Shepherd … but evidently they do.

2.  The church paid the December mortgage of a young widow.  She didn’t ask for assistance . . . which made us all the more eager to offer it.  She was speechless and then weeping in her gratitude.

3.  We were able to orient two new High Impact Volunteers to serve on the Healing Prayer ServeTeam.

4.  We said a fond “til next time” to a staffer on her final day of work here.  Shirley Berryhill, who has worked long and well here, has retirement to look forward to and  will continue on as High Impact Volunteer.

shirley last day


4.  A young husband emailed me asking for signed copies of “The Shadow Of A Doubt” and “The Storm Before The Calm” because he is giving them to his wife for Christmas.

5.  I capped off the day with a home visit of the most meaningful sort — with a young mother whose father died over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I was able to sit with her and her children as they shared memories of dad & granddad.  It was Matthew 5:4 in real time, and I got to watch.  (I found out later that the children were quasi-amazed that I actually know how to use text messages on my dumb phone.)