Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Potential Sermon Series

This will be a very different kind of Top Five Tuesday.

For one, they are five things that haven’t happened yet.

For another, you’ll help determine which ones actually happen and possibly even the order in which they happen.

Here’s what’s going on: I already have the next three sermons series mapped out. Fashion Statement followed by Christmas Lights followed by Forty Days In The Word if you’re one of those people who simply must know.

But beyond that time (early 2012), I have a number of ideas running around in my head that you can help me prioritize.

So here are some potential series titles along with a few words on what each might be about. I then invite you to comment on which you feel is the most urgent for our community and why. Enjoy!

1. Freeze Frame. A series on nostalgia, regret, and how decisions made in the heat of the moment end up having consequences that last a lifetime.

2. Royal Pains. A series on the kings of Israel and what they teach us about sin, redemption, leadership, and family.

3. Angry God. A series on what makes God angry and how we might share his passion for justice and freedom for all his children.

4. Rock, Meet Hard Place. A series on difficult decisions and the role they play in our spiritual maturity.

5. Upgrade. A series on the New Testament book of Hebrews which, quite honestly, I have been trying to figure out how to preach about for years now.

So where’s the urgency for our corner of the Carolinas now? Let me know and I’ll take it under advisement.