Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Possible Top Five Subjects I Could Write On Today

So on a day in which I feel some blog-indecision, here are five possible subjects I could then do a Top Five post on.Here goes:1.  Top Five Upcoming Events For Beyond.  Tempting . . . but I don’t want this space to read too much like a church e-newsletter. That’s why we have church e-newsletters.2.  Top Five Crises Facing The United Methodist DenominationYawn.  Plus, the list may be long enough to require a Top Fifteen Friday.

3.  Top Five Personal Grooming Tips For Young Clergy.  Tempting.  I think I have both experience and expertise.

4.  Top Five Personal Goals I’m Setting For 2015.  Some of you who know me well might think I operate this way.  I like to plan, I’m borderline OCD, things have to get on paper before they become reality, but . . . I’ve never been much of a personal goal setter.

5.  Top Five WHAM Songs.  Why list five when just one covers it all?