Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Pink Floyd Songs

Oh why not?

Laser light shows, absurdly long songs, lyrics leading to nowhere, band-on-band smackdown as young rockers became old men . . . all of it is part of the Pink Floyd schtick.

And I went through a phase where I listened to them often and liked them a lot.  So here goes:  my Top Five Pink Floyd songs, like, ever.  (And no, The Wall is not allowed on the list.)

5.  Eclipse, the closing track of The Dark Side Of The Moon.  It’s almost not even a song, but it sure is pretty.

4.  Welcome To The Machine.  It’s the kind of dystopia people envisioned in the 70s.  Think they knew we’d be connected to our smart phones?

3.  Pigs.  Who names an album Animals?  And who has the best song called Pigs?   With sound effects?  For eleven minutes?  Well, a band who marketed their music to 70s teenagers who parted their hair down the middle, that’s who.

2.  Mother.  I have always loved this piece with the delicate music and devastating lyric.

1.  Wish You Were Here.  I learned it slow-motion on the guitar.  Gorgeous stuff when someone who really plays does it well.  Like here: