Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Pics From Cambodia & India

Back on US soil, with a more consistent internet connection, we’re now able to share some of the visuals from our sojourn to Cambodia and India.

So here it is . . . in chronological rather than preferential order . . . our Top Five Pictures From Our Top Two Countries:

#1. The lavish meal served to us by the kind people of the village of Tram Khnar, Cambodia. Our Cambodian friends certainly have the gift of hospitality.

#2. I’m giving this one two photos: Ron Dozier and I baptizing 63 people inside a building that whose constuction was paid for by Good Shepherd. Also in the village of Tram Khnar, about an hour from Phnom Penh.

3. The welcome we received at the Bible College at the Orissa Follow Up Ministry in Balasore, India. Our Indian friends have the same gift of hospitality as those in Cambodia.

4. Worship at a village church in the Kandhamal District in India. The best thing about this congregation: it includes former persecutors OF Christians. The persecutors are now believers! Sounds almost biblical, doesn’t it?

5. Our final village church, this one located literally “at the end of the road.” Ron Dozier, Brian Braunschweiger, and I held an impromptu healing service. I think it’s what we came to India for.