Top Five Tuesday: Top Five Observations From Easter 2011

Here are reflections & observations for a resurrection well celebrated at Good Shepherd:

1. Opening with a raucous rendition of Mike Farris’ Ain’t No Grave was the ideal way to start out. We laughed that people came to Good Shepherd for some “Resurrection Blues.”

2. So many people who call Good Shepherd home willingly sat in our “Backstage” area so that newcomers could have the prime real estate of seats in the Worship Center. Those are the kind of people we are trying to grow at this church.

3. The 11:30 crowd was larger than 10:00. Wow. That only happens rarely on “regular” Sundays and never on holiday Sundays. I have to believe that the natural exuberance of that service is powerfully contagious.

4. This weekend represented our first time ever over 3,000 worshippers. God is good.

5. I’m glad the YMCA was closed on Easter. I would have been tempted to work out. Instead, I needed to veg out.