Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Most Mispronounced Words

I love hearing people talk.

Especially when, with the best of intentions, they get important words just a little bit wrong.

So here are five of my favorite most mispronounced words:

1.  It has to begin with a personal story.  When I was 17, I was captain of our high school tennis team and as a result had to give a speech at the Spring Sports Banquet.  I was so nervous at the outset that I began by saying “The tennis team had a very succsexful season this year” when of course I meant to say “successful.”  There was some nervous laughter in response (high schoolers wondering “can I laugh at this in front of my parents?”) and if I was someone who talks to think instead of the reverse, I’d have added, “well, that, too.”  But I’m not, so I didn’t.

2.  When people say resignate when they mean resonate.

3.  When people say expecially when they mean especially.

4.  When people say flustrated when they mean frustrated.

5.  And my favorite one of all is one I just heard recently.  Someone was describing people who live in our fair city of Charlotte and concluded with these words:  We need better Charlatans when of course she meant to say Charlotteans.