Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Moody Blues Songs

Art rock.  Psychadelic rock.  Prog rock.  Whatever you want to call it the Moody Blues were at the forefront of it.

I remember when I was about six years old and my older brothers and sisters had some of their albums in our house in Dallas — and I thought both the sound of the music and the art on the LPs were just about the coolest things in the world.

My ardor for the Moody Blues themselves might have cooled just a bit through the years, but here are my Top Five Moody Blues songs.

Note: you’ll see there is no Knights In White Satin on this list.  Even for a band that often employed pretension, that song was too pretentious to make this list.

One.  Question.  The music has multiple changes of pace and the lyrics try very, very hard to be meaningful.

Two.  Ride My See Saw.  See “memory of a six year old” above.  Probably my first ever GOAT song.  What six year old wouldn’t like a song about playground equipment?

Three. Tuesday Afternoon.  It is Top Five Tuesday, after all.

Four. Wildest Dreams.  After their sixties heyday, but I kinda like it.  May or may not have been the source of sermon series title for Christmas, 2013.

Five. The Other Side Of Life.  All 80s, all the time.