Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Memory Lane TV Shows

As I was born in 1961, I’m part of the first legitimate “TV Generation.” So what are those shows that shaped my childhood and even today fill me with fondness as I traipse down memory lane?

Here are the Top Five:

1. Leave It To Beaver. Few things make me more nostalgic than hearing the words, “Starring Barbara Billingsley . . . Hugh Beaumont . . . Tony Dow . . . AND JERRY MATHERS AS THE BEAVER.” When my own children were much younger, I tried to get them to watch this with me, but the slow pacing and stationary camera angles were too much to overcome. They don’t know what they missed . . .

2. Batman. I didn’t merely want to watch Batman; I wanted to be Batman. Has there ever been a better opening sequence and theme song?

3. Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. As close as we got back in the day to Nat Geo Wild, this was the perfect Sunday night show.

4. Alias Smith & Jones. A TV take-off of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. I’m the only person I know who liked this series . . . and I loved it.


5. Gilligan’s Island. The longest three hour tour of all time.