Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Long Distance Dedications, Methodist-Style

In honor of the recent passing of Casey Kasem, today’s Top Five Tuesday has a uniquely “keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars” feel about it:  Top Five Long Distance Dedications.

Except these LDDs have a twist — they all take place within our beloved United Methodist family in the year 2014.

So here they are: the Top Five Long Distance Dedications, Methodist-Style.

5.  From the Group/Gang/Cabal Of 80 Pastors & Theologians to the rest of the denomination:  “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do,”  by Neil Sedaka.

4.  From Adam Hamilton, Michael Slaughter, and the other crafters of the A Way Forward counter proposal to the Notorious 80:  “Baby Come Back,” by Player.

3.  From General Board Of Discipleship Staffer Taylor Burton-Edwards, whose piece on “Twelve Simple Rules On What To Wear, What Not Wear, UMC Edition” caused a minor sensation, to the rest of the denomination:  “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top.

 2.  From the New England Annual Conference to potential clergy candidates from around the country who might have been turned down by their own Boards Of Ordained Ministry for reasons of systemic prejudice“Open Arms” by Journey.

1.  From the Via Media Methodists trio, who are trying fervently to hold together both traditionalists and progressives in a really big tent, to the rest of the known Methodist world:  “Torn Between Two Lovers,” by Mary MacGregor.