Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Good Shepherd Sermon Bumpers

This is a Top Five list I can do about something at Good Shepherd because I actually have very little to do with it.

Sermon bumpers.

You know, the one-minute (or so) video that tells the story of the current series in a compelling way while also allowing me to roll my preaching “table” to the center of the platform.

And Chris Macedo, our Worship Arts Pastor, has become gifted as a storyboarder, videographer, and film editor as well.  So most of these are his ideas and his final product.

5.  Lines — From a series in 2011.

4.  The Shadow Of A Doubt — From February of 2014.  I delivered many of these same thoughts at the recent Pleasant Grove Camp Meeting . . . and each time longed for the video promo to help me get started!

  The Shadow Of A Doubt Promo from GSUMC on Vimeo.

3.  The Storm Before The Calm.  This one gave strength and shape to the entire series because it alerted the people of the church that something dramatic was going to happen.

2.  Trending.  You’ll see the creativity, skill, and art all taken to a whole nutha level.

1.  Head Scratchers.  Most impressively, each individual sermon had its own special bumper.  A lot of work but a very high payoff.