Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Football Final Plays

Watching Georgia come just short of upsetting Alabama as Chris Conley lost his footing on the five yard line as the clock ran out made me think about memorable final plays.

Here’s the UGA sadness:

But that one, while current and painful if you live in or have friends from Georgia, is by no means the final word in final plays. 

My top five final plays are below.  These are the kind of jaw droppers that make you ask, “Did I really just see that?!”

A couple of conditions:  1) it can’t be a field goal or even a kick-off return involving the school band; 2) the game has to mean something; 3) the clock must hit :00 during the play; 4) it can’t be an final play in overtime. 

So here they are: my Top Five Football Final Plays.

5.  Colorado beats Michigan, 1994. Remember when Colorado could play?  Remember when Kordell Stewart could scramble?  Remember when Keith Jackson could announce?  Then remember this:

4.  LSU beats Kentucky, 2002.  It’s called The Bluegrass Miracle.  Except the Bluegrassers were the victims of the miracle.  They were already celebrating the upset.  No wonder Guy Morris is no longer the coach there.  Of course, neither is Joker Philips.

3.  Jacksonville Jaguars beat Houston Texans, 2010.  It’s fair to say that the 2010 Texans have very little in common with the 2012 version.

2.  Boston College beat Miami, 1984.  It’s football’s version of Laettner at the buzzer.  Or maybe Laettner at the buzzer is basketball’s version of this.  Either way, enjoy: 1.  St. Louis Rams stop Tennessee Titans on the last play of 2000 Super Bowl.  Seeing how close Georgia came on Saturday is actually what got me thinking about Kevin Dyson’s near touchdown.  No one scores on the play . . . but that’s what made it so dramatic. Dyson’s momentum gets stopped and Dick Vermeil’s tears get started.