Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Fleetwood Mac Songs

On the day after #Eclipse2017, how could I do any except pay brief tribute to a band with a song called Sisters Of The Moon?

For the sake of clarity:  when Fleetwood Mac had its peak popularity with its Rumours album, I was hesitant to like it very much for fear it would detract from the Eagles’ Hotel California.

Both efforts have stood the test of time pretty well, so here are my five favorites from this band who shared songwriting credits almost as easily as they shared romances:

5.  Angel, from the Tusk album.  Oh, the bass line.

4. Landslide, from the Fleetwood Mac album.  The Dixie Chicks’ version is probably better, but it’s still a cover.  My heart is still with the haunting beauty of the original.

3. The Chain, from the Rumours album.  The song’s desperation is palpable.

2.  Tusk, from, you guesssed it, the Tusk album.  I believe I’m one of the few who likes this song.  A lot.  The USC marching band is the cherry on top of some already good icing.

1.Go Your Own Way, the Rumours album.  A song in which the medium perfectly serves the messageLindsey Buckingham’s anger, urgency, and defiance rip through every chord and blisters out of every vocal.