Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Features Of The New GSUMC Web Site

This week, the new has gone live.

Months in the making, blood, sweat, and tears in the planning, the new site is a significant upgrade from the old one.  While not all the pages are filled yet and a few isolated bugs need to be repaired, the site is overall much more streamlined and user-friendly than we’ve ever had before.

Here are the Top Five reasons why:

1.  Gorgeous new color palette that’s designed to “pop” on today’s high definition computer screens.

2.  A special “I’m New” tab which has an array of special features, including our welcome video (see below) and tips for planning a guest’s first visit to the church. 

3.  A “Watch A Service” tab that takes you not only to the previous Sunday’s service, but a whole page full of options stretching back several months.

4.  Links to our strategic heartbeat:  LifeGroups and ServeTeams.  The ServeTeam section is helpfully divided into both Sunday ServeTeams and Outreach ServeTeams.

5 (tie)  Opportunities to give online, connect directly with this blog (yea!), and to get all the information in Spanish.

In case you didn’t see it before, here’s our new Welcome Video:

Welcome to Good Shepherd Church from GSUMC on Vimeo.