Top Five Tuesday — Top Five — Er, Thirteen — Questions About Beyond

In case you weren’t able to be in worship on Sunday and didn’t see yesterday’s blog-with-video, here is an architectural fly though of what’s coming to Good Shepherd at Moss Road:

And then here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about the project and the Beyond Campaign that will support it.

What is the purpose of the “Beyond” project?
Beyond will allow us to dramatically increase our ability to invite all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.  We’re moving beyond the ordinary in people’s lives, beyond the walls of this Worship Center, and even beyond the borders of our Moss Road campus. We have the opportunities to help hundreds of students, new residents, and Spanish-speaking friends become awake to the Holy Spirit.
How will we advance our mission?
We will move beyond our borders by launching a worship community at our Zoar Road Campus, we’ll move beyond these walls by adding a Living Room space at Moss Road, and move beyond the ordinary by updating our K-Zone Children’s Space.
Why Zoar Road?
Zoar Road is at the epicenter of a residential housing boom.  Over 2,300 homes are going up in new neighborhoods within a 2.5 mile radius of Zoar.  Many people who currently live around Zoar Road already know we exist and ask about the site.  Also, we have existing influence in Fort Mill & Tega Cay to launch a worship community at Zoar.
Will there be any new construction at Zoar Road?
No.  We will remodel the existing buildings. The Life Center will become our Worship Center and the Fellowship Building will become our Zoar Road K-Club.  We are excited to invest more heavily in people than in buildings at Zoar and still have an opportunity to reach 400 new people per weekend.  We will build a new parking lot on that campus.
What will be offered at Zoar Road?
Our Zoar Road Sunday morning will feature a live host pastor, live worship band, live children’s ministry, and a video sermon from Moss Road.
How will we solve the issue of losing the Corner Campus?
The lease to the Corner Campus (across Moss Road), which houses our Student Ministries and Latino Worship, runs out in 2016.  To compensate for losing that space, we will build a new 17,000 square foot Living Room on the Moss Road side of the current Worship Center. The Living Room will be the new home of our Student Ministry, Latino Ministry and the After School program.  The space will built with students in mind but have the flexibility to accommodate the additional worship space we require on Sunday mornings.
How will all this make our Moss Road campus look?
The net effect will be to make the exterior of Good Shepherd much better match its interior.  What we look like on the outside will mirror the worship that happens on the inside – modern, intimate, and passionate.
Will there be anything different for children at Moss Road?
ABSOLUTELY! We will be giving the K-Zone and the K-Zone lobby a total makeover.  The lobby will be enlarged and themed to match the inside of the K-Zone.  It will be and exciting space that kids can’t wait to enter!  In addition, security for both the K-Zone and Nursery will be enhanced, providing the assurance to parents that their children are safe and cared for.
When do you want to do this?
The Beyond Capital Campaign will run from January 4 – February 8, 2015. During that month, we will have some pretty amazing things lined up for our worship gatherings.  The whole church will have a chance to get involved.  The Campaign builds to a First Fruits offering and three year pledge on February 8l.
How much will the project cost?
Early estimates put the cost of the project at over $6 million.  To begin construction next spring, we will need $500,000 cash on hand and $3 million in pledged giving over the three year period 2015-2017.  This giving is – you guessed it – above and beyond what you give to our operating budget.
Is This Even Possible?
The Beyond Project is ambitious without being outrageous.  A church of our size, with our giving patterns, and with our history of watching God work in ways beyond our imaginations, can confidently tackle such a task.
Can I give now?
Please do. See below.
What do you want me to do next?
First, begin seeking God on how he will transform you from invited to inviter.  Second, join us in our fasting commitment for the duration of 2014.  Third, if you would like to take advantage of year-end giving and support Beyond with a lead gift that will move us towards the $500,000 cash on hand requirement, please contact Brad Brasel at