Top Five Tuesday — Top Five College Fight Songs

Having spent part of the last weekend in Chapel Hill for Parents’ Weekend, I found myself thinking of college fight songs.

First, there was “Late Night With Roy,” a UNC Basketball kickoff extravaganza complete with dancing, skits, Stuart Scott of ESPN, and, oh yeah, a bit of basketball.

Then on Saturday, there was UNC vs Miami at Kenan Stadium underneath a glorious, cloudless sky.

But the soundtrack of the weekend was the Chapel Hill fight song . . . which actually makes my list.

5. I’m A Tar Heel Born, UNC Chapel Hill. It’s maddening, it’s catchy, and then there’s a “Duke Salute” at the end.

4. Peruna, SMU. Of course, this one is really my favorite, but even I have to admit there are other, more anthemic tunes out there. This one never fails to transport me back to the Cotton Bowl for a football game or to Moody Coliseum for basketball.

3. Boomer Sooner, Oklahoma. If ever a song could make you long for 40 acres and a mule, this is it.

2. Notre Dame. I can hear Lindsay Nelson narrating the exploits of Ara Parseghian, Joe Theismann, and even Joe Montana with this tune as the backdrop.

1. Hail To The Victors, Michigan. It’s not even close. They may be frequent victors on the field, but eternal victors in the fight song game.