Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Cereals I Can’t Eat Anymore

I grew up eating cereal every day of my life.  You know the morning comfort — easy prep, just you and your bowl, and then if no one is looking that secret delight of slurping the last bit of milk without the interference of the spoon.

That was me.

But no more.

For the last eight years or so, I’ve had some sensitivities that make cereal — along with bread, pasta, and even Ranch dressing — not a wise food choice.  So what have I been missing?  What do I still get a hankering for, no matter how long I go without?  Here goes:


5.  Life.  The original.  One bowl of it, and I’m back to 3605 Rosedale Avenue in Dallas, eating away at our kitchen table.


4.  Grape Nuts.  Pretty good on its own.  Better when it adds some texture in complementing other cereals.

Grape Nuts


3.  Raisin Nut Bran.  Add blueberries and it’s to die for.



2.  Lucky Charms.  Magically delicious?  You bet it is.

Lucky Charms


1.  Frosted Mini-Wheats.  I ate these for my first 23 years of married life.  Back in the day, they were even a midnight snack (eat a few of them dry).  Today? Nothing but a gluten-loaded memory.

Frosted Mini Wheats