Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Breakup Songs

Late last week, as the song that’s going to finish #1 on this list came on the radio, I thought, “Now THERE’S a Top Five Subject! Best Breakup Songs!”

Blessedly, I don’t have a lot of personal experience, having not dated a whole lot in high school and then staying married for thirty-four years now.  Nevertheless, some songs give a window into the relational trauma associated with bad breakups.

So here they are: five good songs (sort 0f) about bad breakups.

5.  Seasons In Sun, by Terry Jacks. When I was in sixth grade, I did manage to go steady with a classmate for two weeks.  This song was popular as we passive-aggressively ended the romance.  It may be more about death than breaking up, but I know what meaning it has for me and my 12 year old achy breaky heart.

4. Total Eclipse Of The Heart, by Bonnie Tyler.  Early 80s Epic.  Which means it was really epic.

3. Victim Of Love, by the Eagles.  Not one of their better-known songs, just one of their better ones.  Don Henley sings a snarl better than just about anyone.

2.  You’re So Vain, by Carly Simon.  Trivia: many of us Davises in 1972 thought she was singing ‘grounds in my coffee’ instead of ‘clouds in my coffee.’

1. Go Your Own Way, by Fleetwood Mac.  I am not normally a fan of FM’s unique brand of dysfunctional rock, but I have always loved this song.