Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Bible Studies For Small Groups

I have been leading small group Bible studies for years now.

And I’ve done it in enough places & with enough people that I know: even the best of groups need good curricula.

I currently lead two Bible studies — or, what we call LifeGroups at Good Shepherd.

Bible Studies


Here are five of the best resources I’ve found.  Most combine video teaching with daily reading assignments that keep participants involved through the week and then engaged when the group actually meets.

1.  Epic Of Eden, by Sandy Richter.  Richter, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, brings Old Testament texts to life with a combination of wit, insight, and application.  Her explanation of “redemption” and its connection to the story of Gomer in the book of Hosea brings me to tears even after repeated viewings.

epic of eden


2.  Invitation To The Psalms, by Cokesbury.  The 80s & 90s era Disciple Bible Study shaped a generation of United Methodists.  Yet when the 34-week commitment became too cumbersome for the 21st Century, the publishing house wisely came out with a slew of eight-week classes.  I loved leading these and for sure found Invitation To The Psalms to be the strongest.  To see the entire collection, check here.


Invite To The Psalms




3.  Always True, by James MacDonald.  What?  How is it possible that United Methodist Me comes to like Calvinist James MacDonald so much?  Because he’s really good.  His emphasis on God’s sovereign love serves as both reminder and balance to my Wesleyan-Arminian thought.


Always True


4.  Breathing Room, by Andy Stanley.  Who needs a book when you’ve got Andy Stanley on video?  Stanley’s sermons, coupled with the discussion questions that accompany them, are one of the best ways to get a new LifeGroup started.

Breathing Room


5.  Sacred Marriage, by Gary Thomas.  Marriage isn’t there to make you happy.  It is to make you holy.  Chew on that for awhile.  The people of Good Shepherd did in 2010 and both video and text gave us significant food for thought.


Sacred Marriage Gary Thomas


Of course, along these lines, I need to give a recommendation for Solve.  Ideal for groups or individuals facing struggles or trials, Solve will take readers deep into the memoir we know as Nehemiah . . . and in doing so demonstrates the surprising ways this old story connects with modern life. All of my books are available through my publisher on  Adult Bible Studies and Amazon:

Paperback and eBook on Amazon

Solve Book


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