Top Five Tuesday — Top Five ‘Always’ & ‘Never’

“Always” and “never” are words you’re never supposed to use in marital spats (or that you’re always supposed to avoid), but I thought I’d give some of the leading “always” and “never” moments from my life.

1. I’ve never won at Bingo. And in doing nursing home ministry I’ve played it a fair amount. I long for that time when the victorious shout “Bingo!” will leave my lips.

2. I always shave twice a day. Morning and evening. It’s like starting the day all over again.

3. I’ve never locked my keys in my car.

4. I always wear two pair of socks during the work week. White, thick Thor-Lo underneath to keep my feet warm and then dark blue on top to look somewhat respectable.

5. I’ve never smoked a single cigarette of any kind. Thanks Mom!