Top Five Tuesday — Some Sermons You Won’t Hear

As many of you know, I spend a lot of time and energy getting Sunday morning messages ready.

I also try to give my best creativity to the titles of those same sermons, as you never know when the right title will draw the person in who needs to hear it the most.

Which got me thinking . . . what are some titles I would simply never use? What are some things that while some Christian friends may believe and teach, I can’t quite agree with, much less preach on?

And here’s the result of my thinking and doodling . . . five sermons you just won’t hear at Good Shepherd:

1. Becoming Rapture Ready

2. The 6,000 Year Old Earth

3. The Republican God (and its cousin, The Democratic Jesus)

4. The Saving Power Of Infant Baptism

5. The Myth Of Eternal Damnation