Top Five Tuesday — My #NotMyTopFive Tuesday List

The following acts will not, by executive decree, ever make an appearance on this blog’s “Top Five Tuesday.”

Primarily because there is no way that I could five songs by all of them combined that I actually like.

Here they are:

5.  REO Speedwagon.  It’s time for them to fly.  Away.  For good.

4. Journey.  When a song includes the lyric, “When I’m alone / all by myself …”  it automatically disqualifies its author from Top Five consideration.  Because what else could you be when you’re alone?


3. George Thorogood & The Delaware Destroyers.  Fine.  Drink alone.  See if I care.

2. Kiss.  I really don’t mind them that much.  It’s just that I’d be embarrassed to go public with a favorites list.  If I did, though, you can bet that Beth would be on it.

1. Phil Collins.  No surprise here. The voice, the melodies, the instrumentation, the everything.  Not for me.  And the 2016 US Open tennis tournament featured him and his music on their TV programming.  It almost made me believe in karma.  Almost.