Top Five Tuesday — Five Things I Like About Pathfinders

So last night we had our launch of the Sacred Marriage Pathfinders group ministry. It was another reminder of why I like this approach to group life so much.

Here goes . . . the top five things I like about Pathfinders.

1. More people show up than sign up. Going into last night’s event, we had about 70 people who had signed up. 150 showed up. To be sure, we had to scramble some but it was all worth it.

2. Groups are eclectic. Though this cycle of Pathfinders will focus on Sacred Marriage, the group I will lead has six people who are single. We also have a variety of generations. And we have Anglos, African-Americans, and Hispanics. You know . . . like we’ll have in heaven.

3. It “de-weirds” small groups. Because the focus is more on community than on content and because it doesn’t begin with a covenant form drenched in church lingo, Pathfinders is more accessible to people exploring the faith than the traditional small group model.

4. The curriculum is the sermon. By framing the conversation as a follow up to the Sunday message, Pathfinders keeps large segments of the church focused on the same topic at the same time.

5. It makes a big church feel small. When I see people socializing throughout our campus and I ask them how they met, they almost inevitably answer, “we were in a Pathfinders group together.” That’s a win.

You can still get in on this six week Sacred Marriage Pathfinders cycle by checking here.